Irongator Foundry Specialist by Automatech Robotik

Foundry Robot for metal casting pieces finishing

IronGator is a robotic cell developed by Automatech Robotik to execute finishing work on metal casting pieces made of grey iron, ductile iron or any other specialized alloy.

IronGator assists workforce in the most repetitive and physically challenging tasks. The operator feeds workpieces safely from outside the cell and IronGator perfectly grinds or cuts exceeding metal produced earlier by the casting process. When the piece is completed, it is put into a box or sorted according to the customer’s needs. Depending on the dimension and complexity of the piece to process, IronGator, equipped with a tool changer, can adapt itself to the piece currently in production. It takes the pieces and feeds them to fixed grinders for great production capabilities, or directly works on the piece if it is oversized and complex.

Case Study - Poitras

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